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Hello everyone. Welcome to going_in_motion! You seem to have (...somehow?) happened to stumble upon the animated graphics community of krissasaur.

I have attempted to run communities in the past, and to be honest, I pretty much fail at it. But..... my icon post on my personal journal was just getting long and ridiculous, and I am pretty sure it was about to reach its character limit. Oh no! So that's why this community was born.

I have organized it in a pretty unique way for an icon community. Instead of updating with a new entry each time I make a new batch of icons, I will instead add them to the already made entry for that particular artist.

You can therefore navigate by clicking on the tags located to the left.

Also, if you could please remember to credit me, that would be nice! I am not a credit nazi, so it really is up to you..... but if you don’t credit how are we going to share the love!?

I hope you enjoy your stay, and that you find many lovely icons to take home with you. :D (they are so lonely, no really.)